Real Estate

High-quality, on-time work at a lower price than most law firms providing comparable real estate services

At Redmond & Hubbs Law Group, we understand that real estate is the most important investment most people will ever make. There are ever-increasing regulations and laws regarding real estate, including the sale and purchase of properties and land. So, getting the right legal advice is extremely important.

Purchase agreements must be in writing. Some purchase agreements are created by real estate agencies, other by title companies, and yet others by attorneys. Before a residential purchase agreement is signed, the buyer must be provided with several disclosures about the status of the property. No such disclosures are required in commercial real estate transactions. A purchase agreement might be voidable if there are frauds within the disclosures. After the purchase agreement is executed, a title search should be conducted to verify the property can be sold by the seller to the purchaser. Clouds on titles are when unexpected liens or other persons claim to have an interest in the property. Assuming the title comes back without any problems, a closing is scheduled where documents are signed by the both the purchaser and seller, including any mortgage documents and a deed. Bottom line, it’s extremely important to get the right legal support for any purchase agreement.

A deed is a means of transferring a piece of property. Often people will use Quit Claim Deeds to transfer property. Such common needs for Quit Claim deeds involve sales of real estate, gifts, estate planning or transfers to one spouse or the other as part of a divorce judgment.

We also have experience representing banks, financial institutions, commercial lenders and special servicers in all facets of commercial mortgages in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. This includes judicial and non-judicial foreclosures and receiverships for securitized and portfolio loans.

Our firm represents lenders, landlords and property managers in all facets of residential and commercial mortgages in Michigan courts (state and federal), including judicial foreclosures, quiet title claims, demolitions, contested evictions, lender liability claims and evictions.

Regardless of the size of your deal—or the complexity of the issues—we deliver high-quality, on-time work at a lower price than most law firms providing comparable real estate services.